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I stole this one from butch too, yah u can always tell im bored when im posting a surevey hahahaha

Name: Steve-00000- aka Dj Deem
Age: 16 (17 in 21 days i think)
Year in school: Junior
Zodiac Sign: Gemini

Is punk rock dead?: no not at all
Vampires- cool or uncool?: friggin wicked cool
Is the government going to hell?: two words afermative action
Do you know what AFI stands for?:yah, and they are good
Wasnt the care bear stare just the coolest thing when you were little?: Rainbow brite was better
Those feet pajamas were fuckin annoying werent they?: no way man those thing RULE
Summer or winter?: Winter
What is the best form of art?: Music
Are you allergic to poison ivy?: Haven't got it yet *knock knock*
Ever hang out with Mr. Peace Pipe?: no comment
What year in school was the worst?: 8th grade
The best saturday night live movie is: Tommy boy
Arent cats just adorable?: some are awesome some just suck

# of friends on your b/l: 83 on one 54 on the other
How many friends do you hang out with regularly?: hmmm 7-8
Do you have a prom date? (or did you): nope
How many people have you kissed?: well besides like family 3
Have you lost touch with friends in the past few years?: of course
# of people you talk to on the phone regularly: 3

How many times a month would you say you masturbate?hahhahah i can't even count that high!
Ever had sex?: Nope
Oral?: Nah
Homosexual thoughts?: nothing serious
Does porn turn you on?: of course
Does the word "wang" make you laugh?: mayb just a lil....
Have you ever masturbated places other than your own personal bedroom?: yah isnt that half the fun?

If you could go to any country, where would you go?: Germany or Holland
Would you ever go "down under?"(i hear you laughing... pervert): i want a kangarooo
Road trips are great huh?: i bet they would be
Have you ever been on one?: once when i was little, to PA
Liar. perhaps
Have you ever gone out of the country?: i wish!
Would you ever live out of the country?: yah
Lets go to India together: ew no india sucks!

Movie theaters.. A-SUCK or B-ROCK:or C- one of the coolest things ever
How about the drive-in?: alright if u sit in the front seat
What was the last movie you watched?: The Virgin Suicides
The cutest actress is: Kirsten Dunst or Heather Grahm
What about actor?: TOM GREEN! ahhhahaha
Best band: Mindless self indulgence
Ever been to a local show?: Yea
If so, what band did you see?: vintage dreams
Best music genre: Electronica, Metal, Punk,Alt-Rap, the list goes on
Do you like emo?: some is good
Ever gone to the opera?: Nope
What about a broadway play?: always wanted to
So what did you think?: this was....diffrent...
What are you thinking?:That im sleeeeepy

Yay another survery to waste your and my time, well that is if u choose to read it hahahah.

I wish this stuipd sickness would just go away, its still lingering, i think i gave it to my mom , i feel bad cuz she came home early from work.

Deicide is a great Death/Black metal band, if u are into that kinda thing, Bunch of Satan worshippers.

I can't wait till all my dl's are done, right now im getting, ghost world, Akira, Cowboy Bebop the movie and a bunch of mp3s.
If anyone has any suggestions of movies i should get tell me i need things to dl, i already have almost everything i want, so ur gonna have to suprise me with a good one hhahahhhaa

I have to help my grandfather take off the storm windows on there house 2 marrow, thats always fun cuz he always almost drops them on me and kills me, YAY wish me luck hahahah.

THe best sample in All of electronica may be, "Rock the funky funky beats"

me and dylan gonna watch sum anime at thats entertainment tommarow im excited its gonna b fun, i haven't seen anything new in a while, i guess he has a ninja scroll series...i didn't even know this existed but thats kool its a great movie.

"the reason the mainstream is thought of as a stream is because it's so shallow" -George Carlin

Anyone heard the new metallica song st. anger? i don't think i like it, its really....diffrent,. i mean i know they will never be the same as they used to be but hey ir doens't mean i have to like the new them hahahaha

mmm water, ima drink a big glass cuz i tihnk i might be a lil dehydrated....

I've decided im gonna go to the warped tour this year, i've always wanted to go, and this year there is a really good line up and im gonna b there. Expecially for Andrew W.k. he's the man

I just noticed that i think my dog looks like the big flying dog in the never ending story except my dog isnt white....Mookie rules!

blah blah blah writing is fun and it keeps me awake.

I wanna c little nemo, its gonna be a great movie. I heard disney is using all this anti-piracy stuff at the sneak previews so people don't tape it . Like they have guys scanning the crowd with night vision goggles i guess, which will pick up the light put out by a camera or sumpin. Oh well once its in the theater they won't be able to stop the boots, expecially overseas it's gonna b on the internet the day of or the day after the release.

i'm listening to a tilz mix, and i just noticed that i've never heard any songs i know in like any tilz mix ever....then i realized why, i think he's spinin all harhouse and trance tracks sped up to hhc speed....unless you know otherwise *cough ejay cough* lemmie know but i think thats what it could b...i mean if he was just playing regular hhc stuff im sure i woulda heard it somewhere else at one point or another.

Well thats all im gonna waste my time writing right now, i hope i have all bored you to death, but rember its your fault for reading it : ]

and i shall end this on a line from a new mobile fiesta song

You can't stop this
Take the mic and i start to blow hit
You laughin now and act all proud
So lets take control and fuck the crowd!"
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