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Roar yesterday

yah yesterday was pretty interesting, Got up at 5 becausee me and aaron and jen went to the car flea market in hollis, we didnt think anyone was gonna b there but a lot of people where there despite the rain. aaron sold a bunch of stuff, and some people acused him of stealing some tires, it was lame : P

Then we came home and i went to aarons and he gave me a bunch of cool stuff like his old webcam (yay!) and a odyssey by magnavox (more obscure video games for my collection) he also gave me an atari adapter from the uk, its kewl hehehe

Then we went to the lancaster flea market, aaron got a in box nes game and sum grub, i got a KMFDM cd for $2 so i was psyched cuz its like there best one.

Then i went to sarahs b-day party, it was fun not to much to do besides hack and sing tho, and i wasnt up for singing but i still had a good time, then we all went downstairs later on and watched a movie and was fun..... : ]


thats about all now i gotta find sumpin to do today
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