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spacedyevest's Journal

20 June
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Hola me llamo Esteban, for all of you who don't habla espanol out there My name is steve, Steve-O- if ur a friend :-) , I like lots of things and have lots of hobbies such as, DJing, producing music, playing on my comp, listeing to music
alf, anabolic frolic, angry beavers, anime, army of darkness, asteroids, atari, b-movies, blind guardian, bondage, boondock saints, braindead, cafffiene, candy, candy kids, chicks, children of bodom, cky, counter-strike, cowboy bebop, cradle of filth, damone, dance dance revolution, ddr, dead kennedys, decapitated, dfta, diesel boy, dimmu borgir, dj deem, dj funk, dj lite brite, dj venom, djing, dnb, donnie darko, dreads, dream theater, drum and bass, dvds, electronica, evil dead, extol, faith no more, fetish, fight club, for the ravers, fun, gabber, gamma ray, george carlin, glow sticks, groove, group-x, gwar, haji's kitchen, half-life, hammerfall, happy 2b hardcore, happy hardcore, hard house, helloween, hot chicks, iced earth, in flames, joe satriani, jungle, kik wear, king crimson, liquid tension experiment, lite brite, llamas, love hina, luca turilli, manowar, mcdonalds, meshuggah, metal, metallica, mike portnoy, mindless self indulgence, misfits, mp3s, mr. bungle, nes, nintendo, nmrhs, noelle, online games, pac-man, peter jackson, pez, porn, primus, ravers, ravers only, raves, real ultimate power, redbull, ren and stimpy, retard-o-bot, rhapsody, rise of the triad, scissorfight, shadow gallery, snes, sobe, socks, soilwork, spiral architect, spock's beard, spongebob square pants, spy vs. spy, static-x, steve vai, stratovarious, symphony x, system of a down, taco bell, tacos, testament, the asylum, the collision, the o, the prodigy, the start, trance, tree, turntables, ufos, unearth, vai, video games, vinyl, weezer, wheel-o, yo-yo