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Watch Yo Step !

so yah i went to boston today with danille, ruth and amy, it was mad fun we went to the garment district and this place where u can get a pound of clothes for a buck it was cool. I bought 2 new pac-man pins and a atari pin, i had to have a fundraiser to buy then hahaha

then we went to go to harvard square but didnt make it, instead we found a nice grassy spot to lay down for a while it was great. We went to a food court so everyone could get sum grub I didn't cuz i was broke luckily i had packed a thermos of ramen and sum cereal and other snacks so i wouldn't have to buy food. Then i saw signs for the rooftop garden so we went and explored, we ended up on top of this parking garage and there was fountains and trees and flowers and tables with big umbrellas and it was awesome cuz like noone was up there but us, its like a privite thing i think but it was sooo nice to chill up there and eat. Incase i ever need to go there and dont rember the stop its Kendell : ]

Then we went to go see guster, i didn't think i really knew anything of theres but i guess i did cuz i knew like 4 of the songs they played.
I guess one of sarahs lj friends saw me there but i dunno, she didnt say anything so thats groovey i spose.

Goin to a red sox game tommarow with JJ. His dad got us free tics so thats cool as always. i guess its supposed to be 1 million degrees tommarow, so i guess we will just have to see how it plays out, i hope its not mega hot out. Oh well free is free.

I miss my sarah really really really bad... : [

I really wanna see the cremaster cycle..its playing at the allston cinema, i wish i lived closer to boston.

i think thats about it for now, im really tired i tihnk ima go pass out now PEAS
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