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well being as i've had all day i feel a lot better, i have drinken a bunch of stuff and i think ima try to eat sumpin in a lil while. It was nice to be home and well rested even though i was sick, i finally finished watchin tank girl, then i watched rockie horror, and the jackass movie. After sarah got outa school i talked to her for a while, yah, thankx hun, it was fun : ]

Thanks everyone who helped me feel better by tellin me to eat soup and givin me luv : ]

I can't wait till the new diablo 2 patch comes out im so gonna start playing cuz its gonna make everyone the same again and its gonna rule cuz ima start playing again becasue everything is gonna b diff

i really hope i dont have to miss any more school and i hope i feel better tommarow and can get down to marry anns to see about that job.

"i take a couple uppers, i down a couple downers, but nothing compares to these blue and yellow, purple pills"


i tinks dats about all for tonight....Yah
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