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well i went to bed early last night, but i woke up at 2:30 not feelin so good, but i fianlly fell back asleep, then i woke uip this mornin feelin horrible, but i still went to school cuz i had to give B that cd and i really wanted to see sarah on her b-day, (not to mention she looked damn fine today Roar!)

So anywayz after i told her i was goin home i went to the nurse and called my greandparents and went home, but i didnt make it home, i ended up pukin up my guts (also known as last nights hot dogs) up, it was totally nasty, see i know all of u are grossed out but hey this is my journal not yours and noone is forceing you to read it heheheheh

so now im home, my mom is on her way and i still feel like cuca, i really dont know y im sick mayb i didnt poop enuff or sumpin i dunno but being sick sure does suck

I guess i got that job , i wanted to go down there toady but im deff not gonna now, ima sit here and try to feel good, im kinda sad that im missin the last voice classs with B in it : [ oh well, man the school year sure does fly by.

ew i feel gross i need a drink
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