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its funny how many people noticed i wasn't online, even just for a few days, (keeps telling self, IM NOT AN ADDICT!!) Well heres what happend, the isp i was using lost a connection number i guess for some reason and it just so happened to be ours. so yah, we didnt have a number to call andmore, so we had to find a new isp, and of course with my mom things take a little longer : P so i just got it back tonight, i swear to god i was having withdrawls, it was brutal for me, just to know that i wasn't downloading something when i was at school or asleep hurt me hahahah. like i told ruth today, i have nothing to do and if i have to go home and look at that comp at all that i was gonna blow my brains out : P

So me and ruth went and played sum ddr today, it was fun then we went to newzulburry comics and i got sum new buttons and flyers to tables turn 2003 which is gonna be a great party on june 21st at the asylum THE DAY AFTER MY B-DAY!!! W00t W00t!

Tommarows megs party im excited

The seniors last day was today, im really scared about not seeing them its gonna b soooo wierd....I mean no B, comon...!!

I guess i got a job at marry ann's II. I hope its gonna b kewl amys dad seems like a cool boss, so it could b great im REALLY excited and i hope i start soon, they wanted me to start sunday but i said no that i promised aaron i would go flea marketing with him in the mornin and then i deffinitly am gonna b at sarahs party, wouldnt miss it for the world, then i thought about monday and i DEFF wanna spend time with sarah i miss her ooooohhh so much.

Ruth braided my hair really neat last nigth and i really like it, it looks like monoxicdes for Twizted its neet and people like it hehehehhe

"Oh no big snoop dogg, back up in the hiezzie babbyyyy"

im mad hungry.

Roar thats about all for now,
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