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Thursday, September 1st, 2005
10:21 am - dreadies
oh yeah i almost forgot i've had dreads for 2 years now, ill get a pic up soon they are my babies : ]

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9:49 am - im bacccckk in the saddle aaggggiaainnn
so this is it my long awaited return i know its been a while but hey life has been busy, i'm now living in the city with nic its a good place, going into my fourth semester of school, and just trying to figure out what i want to do with my life, i work at the virgin megastore on newbury street so if anyone wants to swing by im always there hahahhaa.

but yah so hopefully ill actully use this thing again once in a while, first things first tho, time to update that 7 year old photo hahahahha.

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Monday, November 24th, 2003
12:55 pm
awww shit yah mutha fuckkaaaaa

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Wednesday, July 2nd, 2003
12:44 am - grrrr
i had a great time at sarahs today, i hadn't seen her since school got out it was getting to be a real long time.

now i dont know why but somrthing seems to be wrong, i hope it wasn't me, but now im not gonna know for a few days which stinks


i hate worrying about things like this : \

i really hope everything is ok hun : \

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Saturday, June 28th, 2003
12:13 am
Why does missing hurt so much?

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Wednesday, June 25th, 2003
11:15 am - heheheh

What Type of Villain are You?

mutedfaith.com /

kool billy from scream!

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12:51 am - Watch Yo Step !
so yah i went to boston today with danille, ruth and amy, it was mad fun we went to the garment district and this place where u can get a pound of clothes for a buck it was cool. I bought 2 new pac-man pins and a atari pin, i had to have a fundraiser to buy then hahaha

then we went to go to harvard square but didnt make it, instead we found a nice grassy spot to lay down for a while it was great. We went to a food court so everyone could get sum grub I didn't cuz i was broke luckily i had packed a thermos of ramen and sum cereal and other snacks so i wouldn't have to buy food. Then i saw signs for the rooftop garden so we went and explored, we ended up on top of this parking garage and there was fountains and trees and flowers and tables with big umbrellas and it was awesome cuz like noone was up there but us, its like a privite thing i think but it was sooo nice to chill up there and eat. Incase i ever need to go there and dont rember the stop its Kendell : ]

Then we went to go see guster, i didn't think i really knew anything of theres but i guess i did cuz i knew like 4 of the songs they played.
I guess one of sarahs lj friends saw me there but i dunno, she didnt say anything so thats groovey i spose.

Goin to a red sox game tommarow with JJ. His dad got us free tics so thats cool as always. i guess its supposed to be 1 million degrees tommarow, so i guess we will just have to see how it plays out, i hope its not mega hot out. Oh well free is free.

I miss my sarah really really really bad... : [

I really wanna see the cremaster cycle..its playing at the allston cinema, i wish i lived closer to boston.

i think thats about it for now, im really tired i tihnk ima go pass out now PEAS

current mood: good

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Tuesday, June 24th, 2003
1:20 am - big ol weekend update
so i know im bad about updating and for thisfrom a updaye from my b-day, i had a great friday, it started out really crappy but the weather got a lot better. after school we drove around for a bit. Well before that sarah gave me my presents and they where some of the coolest presents yet, and my card i didnt really get to read it today but it was great and i loved it so much.

Danille and Ruth and mario came over ruth had already givin my awesome hemp necklace and braclet with mikes kool beads.

Mario gave me the champ's bowling ball. See for all of you who need explanation we went to a yard sale...and bought the ball....from the champ...from philly...thats it.....

We went down to kimballs to get sum ice cream and that was fun rich gave me a ticket for free bucket of balls so i got to hit them at him driving by on a tractor, and hey i didnt hit him but its hard : [ heheheh.

So we where on our way back to my house and we stopped to look at a car.its nice but i will get back to that in a minute. but then we got my sarah darlin and got sum chinesse food

We came back and started to eat then pop and katie and her friend came over, so we where all hangin out. and eating, then rich and john came over and every one at sum cake. Steve gave me $50 the animatrix, akira and speed racer on dvd. Also he gave me symphony X V which i had wanted for the longest time.

i wish i coulda spent more time with my hun but oh well i mean it was fun.

Then sat. i went yardsalin and i got a mike wazowski toy for .50 cents . Then at another yard sale i got a portable cd player with a car lighter adapter and a tape player adapter for $2 and it works its awesome, i also got 2 bags of new jungle beads for $1 it was awesome

so i came home and chilled out for a while then mike came over and we spuin and he used all my string and i got ready, then we all went down to markey basket to meet up with mark. then we all went to the asylum. amazing party, hive was like the sickest dj ive ever seen planet of the drums was awesome 2 of couse i mean it couldnt have been much sicker i danced sooo hard!! solange and breaka ruled too

the ride home was fun i fell asleep on ruth arm and woke up and had a huge drool stain down her arm, it was pretty funny hahaha.

so sunday i had aaron come with me and my mom ended up buying me that car for my b-day its a white 94' buick cenutury its really nice condition and the interior is nice to, i really like it a lot and am really glad i got it, so i think im trying to get my lisence and get it on the road within the next week, thats my goal , then i can go see sarah all the time, it will b great.

So today me and ruth and rich and mark went to Nh and funworld, we found $15.50 the biggest l00t ever!!!

then we went to newzulburry where i got a new dnb record a copy of the ring on dvd for 5 bucks and 2 pins with the gift certificate sarahs parents gave me.

Then i had danillle and mark and ruth over to watch sum movies, we watched can't hardly wait and chilled out.

last day of school was today, wasn;t 2 bad, still doesnt feel like its over but it will soon enuff heheheh, Meow!!!


so i guess tommarow im goin down to boston for the day to see guster, its gonna rule but im broke oh well, hahahaha. Ill figure it out.

I was really looking forward to the new tom green show but it kinda sucked so o well hopefully ren and stimpy is better.

BTW SARAH, u told me to call ur cell if i was home so i did at like 11, but u didnt answer so i think i actully might try agagin , yah it still went right to ur answering service : \ i really wanted to talk to you, oh well i love u babe , u make my world turn


current mood: chipper

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Wednesday, June 18th, 2003
6:20 pm - wierd
morrigankali 95%
herdelicatekiss 91%
djentropy 84%
safetypinme 76%
How compatible with me are YOU?

well ill be damned

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Sunday, June 15th, 2003
5:28 am - spu
sorry to all of my loyal fans that i haven't updated lately, oh well,

Whats new in my life?

-Mario came over friday and slept over, we played sum games and watched 007 then we went flea marketing the next day

-we got offered "clean needles" by some shady guy at the flea market, mad scary, we got the champs bowling ball tho!!, and eye of the tiger on vinyl

-Went to dollar tree with aaron and bought sum moon pies

-Rich came over tonight and is sleeping over so we can go to lancaster in the mornin , he is asleep right now

-around 2 o clock ruth came and picked us up and we went to brandons until like 5 it was just us chillun, we watched sum darko and jumped on the tramp and ate MALLOWWSS

-Watched the Blair thumb!!


-I really really really wanna hang with sarah tommarow, i miss 0-so much

-SChool is soooo close to being over!!

the dates:
Fri June 20th-My 17th B-day
Sat. Jun 21-Tables turn 2003 at the asylum
Sun. Jun 22-Sarahs dance thingy
Tues jun 24- SLEEP OMG SLEEP

i got a ton of new bug bites tonight, i itch ooohh sooooo bad!!! AHHH

Trigun and Hellsing RULE

i really hope for good finds today

i think thats all for now, ummmm YAY SUMMER!!!

current mood: calm

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Saturday, May 31st, 2003
3:04 am - ok ok
i was gonna go to bed , but then i saw that head bangers ball was on so i figured i'd check it out, and now its 3 cuz the show is friggin 2 hours long it was awesome tho they showed a ton of awesome videos and interviewed like meshuggah and straping young lad and stuff and wow it was great AHH IM WIDE AWAKE NOW!@%!#^

p.s. i got steve sick 2 hahaha

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12:07 am
wow i saw this and i just had to do it

-use titles of cds to answer this survey-

1. Are you male or female?
The Absolute Man -Leonardo

2. Describe yourself...
Wisconsin Death Trip -Static-X Or Transmissions from uranus -Hanzel und gretyl

3. How do some people feel about you?
King for a day, fool for a lifetime -Faith no more

4. Describe your love interests...
Flying in a blue dream -Joe Satriani

6. Where would you rather be?
Somewhere Far beyond -Blind guardian

7. Describe what you want to be...
Doin something -Soul live

8. Describe how you live...
Falling into infinity -Dream Theater

9. Describe how you love...
Bangin the box -Bad boy bill : P

10. Share a few words of wisdom...
Glory to the brave -hammerfall

That actully was quite challenging......

current mood: mellow

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Friday, May 30th, 2003
11:48 pm - I knew it
You are Michelangelo!
You are Michelangelo...You are fun-loving and free-
spirited, and you always know how to bring a
smile to your friends' faces when they are
feeling down. You are also a bit of a slacker.

Which Ninja Turtle Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla


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10:43 pm - METALLL!!!!
i made a new icon look over there

< Yay its me!

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10:35 pm - Boredumb
I stole this one from butch too, yah u can always tell im bored when im posting a surevey hahahaha

Name: Steve-00000- aka Dj Deem
Age: 16 (17 in 21 days i think)
Year in school: Junior
Zodiac Sign: Gemini

Is punk rock dead?: no not at all
Vampires- cool or uncool?: friggin wicked cool
Is the government going to hell?: two words afermative action
Do you know what AFI stands for?:yah, and they are good
Wasnt the care bear stare just the coolest thing when you were little?: Rainbow brite was better
Those feet pajamas were fuckin annoying werent they?: no way man those thing RULE
Summer or winter?: Winter
What is the best form of art?: Music
Are you allergic to poison ivy?: Haven't got it yet *knock knock*
Ever hang out with Mr. Peace Pipe?: no comment
What year in school was the worst?: 8th grade
The best saturday night live movie is: Tommy boy
Arent cats just adorable?: some are awesome some just suck

# of friends on your b/l: 83 on one 54 on the other
How many friends do you hang out with regularly?: hmmm 7-8
Do you have a prom date? (or did you): nope
How many people have you kissed?: well besides like family 3
Have you lost touch with friends in the past few years?: of course
# of people you talk to on the phone regularly: 3

How many times a month would you say you masturbate?hahhahah i can't even count that high!
Ever had sex?: Nope
Oral?: Nah
Homosexual thoughts?: nothing serious
Does porn turn you on?: of course
Does the word "wang" make you laugh?: mayb just a lil....
Have you ever masturbated places other than your own personal bedroom?: yah isnt that half the fun?

If you could go to any country, where would you go?: Germany or Holland
Would you ever go "down under?"(i hear you laughing... pervert): i want a kangarooo
Road trips are great huh?: i bet they would be
Have you ever been on one?: once when i was little, to PA
Liar. perhaps
Have you ever gone out of the country?: i wish!
Would you ever live out of the country?: yah
Lets go to India together: ew no india sucks!

Movie theaters.. A-SUCK or B-ROCK:or C- one of the coolest things ever
How about the drive-in?: alright if u sit in the front seat
What was the last movie you watched?: The Virgin Suicides
The cutest actress is: Kirsten Dunst or Heather Grahm
What about actor?: TOM GREEN! ahhhahaha
Best band: Mindless self indulgence
Ever been to a local show?: Yea
If so, what band did you see?: vintage dreams
Best music genre: Electronica, Metal, Punk,Alt-Rap, the list goes on
Do you like emo?: some is good
Ever gone to the opera?: Nope
What about a broadway play?: always wanted to
So what did you think?: this was....diffrent...
What are you thinking?:That im sleeeeepy

Yay another survery to waste your and my time, well that is if u choose to read it hahahah.

I wish this stuipd sickness would just go away, its still lingering, i think i gave it to my mom , i feel bad cuz she came home early from work.

Deicide is a great Death/Black metal band, if u are into that kinda thing, Bunch of Satan worshippers.

I can't wait till all my dl's are done, right now im getting, ghost world, Akira, Cowboy Bebop the movie and a bunch of mp3s.
If anyone has any suggestions of movies i should get tell me i need things to dl, i already have almost everything i want, so ur gonna have to suprise me with a good one hhahahhhaa

I have to help my grandfather take off the storm windows on there house 2 marrow, thats always fun cuz he always almost drops them on me and kills me, YAY wish me luck hahahah.

THe best sample in All of electronica may be, "Rock the funky funky beats"

me and dylan gonna watch sum anime at thats entertainment tommarow im excited its gonna b fun, i haven't seen anything new in a while, i guess he has a ninja scroll series...i didn't even know this existed but thats kool its a great movie.

"the reason the mainstream is thought of as a stream is because it's so shallow" -George Carlin

Anyone heard the new metallica song st. anger? i don't think i like it, its really....diffrent,. i mean i know they will never be the same as they used to be but hey ir doens't mean i have to like the new them hahahaha

mmm water, ima drink a big glass cuz i tihnk i might be a lil dehydrated....

I've decided im gonna go to the warped tour this year, i've always wanted to go, and this year there is a really good line up and im gonna b there. Expecially for Andrew W.k. he's the man

I just noticed that i think my dog looks like the big flying dog in the never ending story except my dog isnt white....Mookie rules!

blah blah blah writing is fun and it keeps me awake.

I wanna c little nemo, its gonna be a great movie. I heard disney is using all this anti-piracy stuff at the sneak previews so people don't tape it . Like they have guys scanning the crowd with night vision goggles i guess, which will pick up the light put out by a camera or sumpin. Oh well once its in the theater they won't be able to stop the boots, expecially overseas it's gonna b on the internet the day of or the day after the release.

i'm listening to a tilz mix, and i just noticed that i've never heard any songs i know in like any tilz mix ever....then i realized why, i think he's spinin all harhouse and trance tracks sped up to hhc speed....unless you know otherwise *cough ejay cough* lemmie know but i think thats what it could b...i mean if he was just playing regular hhc stuff im sure i woulda heard it somewhere else at one point or another.

Well thats all im gonna waste my time writing right now, i hope i have all bored you to death, but rember its your fault for reading it : ]

and i shall end this on a line from a new mobile fiesta song

You can't stop this
Take the mic and i start to blow hit
You laughin now and act all proud
So lets take control and fuck the crowd!"

current mood: sleepy

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Tuesday, May 27th, 2003
9:49 pm - survey time
stolen frum butch and sarah


1. Kissed your cousin: perhaps as a child...
2. Ran away: to my back yard
3. Pictured your crush naked:Yupperz
5. Broken someone's heart: doubt it
6. Been in love: Yah
7. Cried when someone died: Yes
8. Wanted someone: mmhmm
9. Broken a bone: No well mayb a toe..
11. Lied: Yes
12. Cried in school: I don't think so...


13. Coke or Pepsi: Cherry coke
14. Sprite or 7UP: Sprie
15. Girls or Guys: Girls attraction wise, guys becasue they are easier to deal with as friends ahahhah
16. Flowers or candy: either are cool
21. Tall or Short: Short
22. Pants or Shorts: Shants!!


23: What do you notice first: Hair, braclets, eys
24. Last person you slow danced with: hmmmm, i dunno it musta been in like 8th grade, mayb mickey or sumpin...
25. Worst Question To Ask: ima steal this one from butchie 2... Can we just be friends?


26. Showered: yesterday, im grubby : ]
27. Had Sex: not yet, at least not with anyone....hahahah

WHAT IS (your favorite):

29. Your Good Luck Charm: my lucky nut....don't ask...or my favorite braclet
30. Person You Hate Most: Probably Billy Joe...
31. Best Thing That Has Happened to You this year: spun my first rave
32. Color: Blue, Yellow, Orange
33. Movie: Donnie Darko, Groove, Hackers, RHPS,
35. Juice: Orange
36. Finger: Middle bayb yah!
37. Ice Cream: Ben and jerrrys, either chunky munky, or choc chip cookie dough frozen yogurt
39. Season: spring
40. Breakfast Food: sausage...or french toast
43. Makes you laugh the most: The Grandmasta of all Groove B
44. Makes you smile: Sarah
45. Can make you feel better no matter what: sarah or my mom between the two of em one will hehehehe
46. Has A Crush On You:i dunno
47. Do You Have A Crush On Someone: Yes
48. Who Has it easier? Girls or Guys?: Guys


50. Sit by the phone waiting for a phone call all night: well i'll sit online waiting for em to come on
51. Save AOL conversations: like twice
52. Save Emails: not really
53. Wish you were someone else: Yes
54. Wish you were a member of the opposite sex: not really no


56. Cologne: don't wear any
57. Perfume: dunno
58. Kiss: a good mix of romantic and hardcore makin out : ]
59. Romantic memory: uhhh yesterday : P


61. Fallen for your best friend?: yup
62. Made out with JUST a friend? yah
63. Been rejected: a few times
64. Been in love?: Yuppaz
65. Been in lust?: heheh deffinitly
66. Used someone?: Not on purpose
67. Been used: Yes
68. Cheated on someone? Nope and never will
69. Been cheated on?: No thank god
70. Been kissed?: yah : ]
71. Done something you regret?: who hasn't?


72. You touched?: all depends what u mean
73. You talked to?: My mom
74. You hugged?: Sarah
75. You instant messaged?: Mark
76. You kissed?: Sarah
77. You had sex with?: not yet
78. You yelled at?: i dont rember
80. Who broke your heart?: noel
81. Who told you they loved you?: Sarah


82. Color your hair? I want to BLUE!!!
83. Have tattoos? not yet
84. Have piercings below the waist? Not yet
85. Have a boyfriend/girlfriend/both? Gf
86. Own a webcam? YAH
87. Own a thong? Nope
88. Ever get off the damn computer? hahahah good one...whats this my third post today?
89. Sprechen Sie Deutsch? not well
90. Habla espanol? also not well
91. Quack?: on occasion


92. Stolen anything over $50? nah
93. Smoke? not ciggs nope
94. Schizophrenic? doubtful
95. Obsessive? on occasion
96. Compulsive? eh kinda
98. Panic? not to bad
99. Anxiety? eh only on occasion
100. Depressed? not most of the time
101. Suicidal? nah

heheh i posted a lot today cuz i was bored and im waiting for sarah to call me b4 i go to bed...

BTW the new led zeplin cd and dvd, are INCREDIBLE!!!, if your a fan at all u shuld pick em up, even if u arn't pick em up!!!


current mood: mellow

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7:16 pm - meh
well being as i've had all day i feel a lot better, i have drinken a bunch of stuff and i think ima try to eat sumpin in a lil while. It was nice to be home and well rested even though i was sick, i finally finished watchin tank girl, then i watched rockie horror, and the jackass movie. After sarah got outa school i talked to her for a while, yah, thankx hun, it was fun : ]

Thanks everyone who helped me feel better by tellin me to eat soup and givin me luv : ]

I can't wait till the new diablo 2 patch comes out im so gonna start playing cuz its gonna make everyone the same again and its gonna rule cuz ima start playing again becasue everything is gonna b diff

i really hope i dont have to miss any more school and i hope i feel better tommarow and can get down to marry anns to see about that job.

"i take a couple uppers, i down a couple downers, but nothing compares to these blue and yellow, purple pills"


i tinks dats about all for tonight....Yah

current mood: blah

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8:22 am - oi
well i went to bed early last night, but i woke up at 2:30 not feelin so good, but i fianlly fell back asleep, then i woke uip this mornin feelin horrible, but i still went to school cuz i had to give B that cd and i really wanted to see sarah on her b-day, (not to mention she looked damn fine today Roar!)

So anywayz after i told her i was goin home i went to the nurse and called my greandparents and went home, but i didnt make it home, i ended up pukin up my guts (also known as last nights hot dogs) up, it was totally nasty, see i know all of u are grossed out but hey this is my journal not yours and noone is forceing you to read it heheheheh

so now im home, my mom is on her way and i still feel like cuca, i really dont know y im sick mayb i didnt poop enuff or sumpin i dunno but being sick sure does suck

I guess i got that job , i wanted to go down there toady but im deff not gonna now, ima sit here and try to feel good, im kinda sad that im missin the last voice classs with B in it : [ oh well, man the school year sure does fly by.

ew i feel gross i need a drink

current mood: sick

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Monday, May 26th, 2003
10:46 am - Roar yesterday
yah yesterday was pretty interesting, Got up at 5 becausee me and aaron and jen went to the car flea market in hollis, we didnt think anyone was gonna b there but a lot of people where there despite the rain. aaron sold a bunch of stuff, and some people acused him of stealing some tires, it was lame : P

Then we came home and i went to aarons and he gave me a bunch of cool stuff like his old webcam (yay!) and a odyssey by magnavox (more obscure video games for my collection) he also gave me an atari adapter from the uk, its kewl hehehe

Then we went to the lancaster flea market, aaron got a in box nes game and sum grub, i got a KMFDM cd for $2 so i was psyched cuz its like there best one.

Then i went to sarahs b-day party, it was fun not to much to do besides hack and sing tho, and i wasnt up for singing but i still had a good time, then we all went downstairs later on and watched a movie and yah....it was fun..... : ]


thats about all now i gotta find sumpin to do today

current mood: happy

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Friday, May 23rd, 2003
9:31 pm - Yah
its funny how many people noticed i wasn't online, even just for a few days, (keeps telling self, IM NOT AN ADDICT!!) Well heres what happend, the isp i was using lost a connection number i guess for some reason and it just so happened to be ours. so yah, we didnt have a number to call andmore, so we had to find a new isp, and of course with my mom things take a little longer : P so i just got it back tonight, i swear to god i was having withdrawls, it was brutal for me, just to know that i wasn't downloading something when i was at school or asleep hurt me hahahah. like i told ruth today, i have nothing to do and if i have to go home and look at that comp at all that i was gonna blow my brains out : P

So me and ruth went and played sum ddr today, it was fun then we went to newzulburry comics and i got sum new buttons and flyers to tables turn 2003 which is gonna be a great party on june 21st at the asylum THE DAY AFTER MY B-DAY!!! W00t W00t!

Tommarows megs party im excited

The seniors last day was today, im really scared about not seeing them its gonna b soooo wierd....I mean no B, comon...!!

I guess i got a job at marry ann's II. I hope its gonna b kewl amys dad seems like a cool boss, so it could b great im REALLY excited and i hope i start soon, they wanted me to start sunday but i said no that i promised aaron i would go flea marketing with him in the mornin and then i deffinitly am gonna b at sarahs party, wouldnt miss it for the world, then i thought about monday and i DEFF wanna spend time with sarah i miss her ooooohhh so much.

Ruth braided my hair really neat last nigth and i really like it, it looks like monoxicdes for Twizted its neet and people like it hehehehhe

"Oh no big snoop dogg, back up in the hiezzie babbyyyy"

im mad hungry.

Roar thats about all for now,

current mood: happy

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